Far Away for Far to Long

I have had a pretty insane last few months. The more I try to put into words what my mind is thinking, the more my thoughts become unreadable. Just a little while ago I had the chance to read a book in English that has actually turned out to be one of my favorite books I have ever had the chance it read in English yet. The book was titled 1984 by George Orwell. If you find yourself in place where you want to read something thought provoking and educational I highly recommend that book.

Another thing I have also had the opportunity to do just over a month ago is give blood. The experience did not go over so well but the fact I did it is a reward in it’s own.

My free time has mostly been spent watching the Divergent Series and Harry Potter. I didn’t have an interest for those things until really recently and I just felt something was compelling me to watch them, and so I did. Most things I do are done because of that previously mentioned reasoning, a gut feeling.

Also if anyone is interested I recently discovered this series called Beyond Fact or Fiction that is mostly focused on premonitions and other strange phenomenon that people believe have happened to them. I discovered this show when I was working on my independent study that is on the psychological phenomenon of premonitions and deja vu.

So this has been my life recently, and I’m glad I had the chance to get back into writing and things.


The Tide That Binds

The ending of junior year is very close and the coming of senior year is  growing even more surreal. Overall, I haven’t really enjoyed this year as much as I would of liked to and it feels like I’m trying to fit in a years worth of happiness in a very short amount of time before the summer hits. A lot of the time I think I know what my goals and ambitions are and then the other half of the time I’m debating myself out of what I’ve decided on. Take for instance, I love writing and I am not sure I want to make a career out of it because frankly I’m not that good. Having a realistic vision on some things, has helped narrow down decisions regarding what life after high school looks like for me, but luckily I still have time to be clueless and figure stuff out through another year, hopefully a memorable at that.

I just wanted to draw attention to the title because as I have mentioned before, I am kind of in love with the show One Tree Hill, and within the show there is an episode titled “A Tide That Binds” that talks about school things and what not, and for anyone looking for blog post titles, sometimes a good place to look is the shows that are right in front of you.

Last day of the month, but I’m still making my monthly entry, hurrah!

5 Interesting Sequels

My lists have tended to be my go to when I want to write something but ramblings will not contend nor satisfy my eagerness to create. So here today I have a list of movies I dream of sequels to.

1) John Tucker Must Die – This movie is amazing and happens to be a favorite of mine, another movie may not be needed but I love the storyline and dream of seeing more.

2) The Last Song – Don’t laugh! I’m a sucker for cheese filled romance. A sequel to this movie after it was recently announced that the two co-stars have made it back together in real life, would make it all the more satisfying!

3)Practical Magic – Don’t have any particular reason really.

4) The Proposal – Why not?

5) A Cinderella Story – Reason: Chad Michael Murray

Defeat Is Not An Option

My new writing venture is going to involve reading scripts more times then I can count,  and watching the movie to go along with for about the same. I was reading about the process of pitching ideas and how to go about doing it. So while I have this time off for the holidays, that’s my area of focus. The only thing that’s missing from my research is a mentor. I’m one of those people who would benefit greatly by getting strict and realistic feedback that can draw me closer to my main goal. Writing a screenplay. As of now I am taking an independent study on screenwriting and in the following year I will be making a short film to go along with the script created. However, the creative process has not seemed to come easy. Research has been done, but it doesn’t count for much in making an original idea. While I’m on this journey I’ll pray for the best this Christmas season and hope for a project I can be proud of in the new year.


A Rhythm Of Poetry

A Road Not Taken

A Book Unwritten

Words Unspoken

Quivering Lips

A Loss Of Faith

Give In

Give Up

It’s Time To Change

Thoughts of Comfort

Mind Running Short

Don’t Pretend

Open Your Mind

Jump In

Jump Out

All We Have Is Time

Look With Your Eyes

Not With The Mind



You Will Make The World Your Own

Be Afraid

Stand Out

When Things Are At There Worst

Find Your Home

Learn A Lesson

Not A Story



Don’t Be Sorry

Day 1: Square One

I thought it would be okay to start off my music review challenge with this marvelous song by Parachute called Square One. Just because a song is about love, does not make it any less acceptable in society.  We connect with the music that relates to us in one form of another. The messages a song gives can have a variety of hidden meanings, its just up to the listeners interpretation of what it means to them.

Here is the video with lyrics.


I’m a white flag waving
When there’s no fight left to win
In the desert waiting
For the tide to bring me in

When love goes,
nobody wants to say it did.
I realize, baby, there’s no

No square one,
Just the lines in the sand.
No morning,
Just the sun going down.
From now on,
I’m just a face in the crowd
You’re never gonna see again
We’re never gonna get back baby

We were fading-
Trying to light a flame that we put out
We were landing
A plane that never left the ground
We were looking for a sign
That this ship was going down
while we were treading water, baby

No square one,
Just the lines in the sand.
No morning,
Just the sun going down.
From now on,
I’m just a face in the crowd.
You’re never gonna see again
We’re never gonna get back baby

No square one,
Just a shape in the clouds
No memories,
Just a picture you found
From now on,
I’m just a face in the crowd
You’re never gonna see again
We’re never gonna get back baby

I need your love
Oh, I need your love
But I can’t give this up
Yeah, cuz I need your love
Oh, I need your love.

No square one,
Just the lines in the sand.
No morning,
Just the sun going down.
From now on,
I’m just a face in the crowd.
You’re never gonna see it again
We’re never gonna get back, baby.




This song is simply a relationship song (who would have guessed?)

Square one means starting over, like acquainting someone for the first time, and in this song the person is saying there is “no square one’ he is done with the relationship and is now just another face in the crowd. There is constant fighting in the current relationship he happens to be in, and although he believes he is done with this person, there is always something that pulls him back into wanting them, thinking it will work this time, but again fails. Sometimes relationships are broken beyond repair, at the end of the song he finally accepts that and begins to move forward.

Myself And The Big Screen

Films are often used as a teaching tool, to give others an alternative perspective on our way of life. Many of us do not know the impacts a “good” movie will have on our emotional being. When I watch a movie I look for any contributing factors that will persuade me to watch it over and over again. Those factors would be things such as incredible storylines, relatable dialogue, fantastic acting and last but not least, a love story that’s not predictable, because those you don’t find every day.

By 4 years old, I had latched on to the concept of movie titles and actors, though directors, composers, etc., would take a few years longer. By the time I was 12 and getting a nice allowance AND living in a city where such things were available, I started buying soundtrack albums, as well as movie-based comics and novelizations. As of now I am proudly reviewing my thoughts and opinions on movies I have watched or wish to. So, yes, I suppose I am a film/movie buff. I have the packed shelves and cluttered brain as proof.

I’ve come to think about movie watching in a very specific way, and over the years I’ve noticed trends in the types of movie buffs that view films differently than me. And I think that’s where a lot of my bafflement with a lot of movie bloggers comes from because sometimes I look at a site by someone I like and see everything they review and ask myself: why are you even watching these movies? In an attempt to figure this all out, I’ve outlined some very broad categories of moviegoers and tried to give a vague sense of how these people approach films in order to try to wrap my head around all this.