The Places I Forgot

Making lists used to be my go to, and for a while I just stopped making them because they always ended up either half finished or a reminder of things I would never do. Today however, I found my inspiration. I made this list a year or so ago and I just thought its been a while and things have changed quite a bit so here I am again.

My New & Improved List of 25 Things I Love

1. Soft Blankets (throw blankets)

2. Bonding with friends over board games

3. Horror movies

5. Watching documentaries about historical events (The Holocaust, The Slave Trade, etc.)

6. Criminal Justice

7. Painted Nails

8. Using lipgloss as my only source of makeup *sometimes eye shadow if I have the energy*

9. Flip flops

10. Driving in the rain

11. Chocolate covered raisins

12. Reddit

13. Twitter

14. Taking my dog for long walks by the lake

15. Donating blood

16. Characters who start off hating each other then fall in love by the end of the series

17. Wilmington North Carolina

18. Australia

19. Temporary tattoos

20. Telescopes *star gazing*

21. Teaching people guitar

22. Playing scrabble

23. Keeping a journal of prayers so I don’t forget them and for other purposes such as,  remembering what kind of promises I have made for myself

24. Sitting on counters & tables

25. Rocking chairs