Let’s Toast Because Things Got Better

I have hated the majority of the last 12 years of school. Most people can look back and say how magical their first day of Kindergarten was or how Elementary and Middle school were their “care free” days. I on the other hand have never known the meaning. All I’ve ever wanted was to be a teenager because it was that next level of happiness I would reach. I have to admit, my life did get a lot happier when I became a teen. I gained more friends and actually grew a lot more academically orientated because I could count on myself to work hard. Well the teenager phase of my life is almost over and I will be moving into adulthood pretty soon. I have never in all my life been so happy. The thing is I’m not blind to all the hardships that are about to come my way with managing finances, etc, I just am so appreciative that I have made it this far.