Something To Hope For

Dear whomever is still listening. I’ve been thinking lately about how much I hate holidays. Maybe not everyone, like Halloween for instance, I don’t mind that one so much. However, Christmas, Thanksgiving, my Birthday even, that’s another story. It stems a lot from the way my family is, and also the fact someone is always sick, miserable or missing. Those kind of days are supposed to create moments that you can cherish, and because I have few of those, I need more of something to hope for. If you asked me today what day of my life I would like to relive over and over again, I wouldn’t be able to name one. I’m 17 years old and I can’t tell you a day I loved so much I would live over again. That’s why I have so much trust in the future. I’m not too trusting though, because I know I can’t reach happiness, it’s a mood not a destination you arrive at.