Into the Deep

I found this book on dreaming a while ago but still have not had a chance to read it. I love researching what my dreams mean and all those sorts of things, however true the information I may be getting might be, I still find it fascinating to read about. All things that usually try to tell you something about who you are, you have to be weary about, because although technology can be really accurate, a machine still cannot 100% tell you anything and everything about who you are.

I like to think I know who I am pretty well, and the parts where I’m a little lost on will eventually make themselves known.

“All good things come to those who are wild and free” – Unknown

I basically live by that quote, it’s helped me relax a little in my studies and I believe it to be one hundred percent true. Free can mean so many different things to a whole bunch of different people and to me it means to accept the fact that as failure happens or will happen, be open to doing things that also open the chance for greater success.