Quote Me On This

I love going to write something knowing I don’t have to write a five paragraph essay on something I fake my way through.

Creative expression is not something I’m very practiced at, but it is something I have grown very fond of to watch through other people. I don’t know about you, but I love to watch kind spirited people having fun with what they love to do. People’s reasons for doing things is what sells me on what they’re doing in the first place. You hear it all the time with actors, like how they tell other wannabe actors to not go into the profession for the money. Talent is one thing, passion is a whole other story. I feel the idea that you can do anything if you care enough about it has always given me comfort for my future. Of course going through daily life these thoughts sometimes leave me, but then I’m always reminded that limits only exist when I put them there.

Story: I once attended this leadership camp and during this camp we had to do board breaking, it symbolized the thing that was stopping us from being the best leader we could be, well long story short I didn’t break my board,  it could be done, I just wasn’t the one who would do it. This is not a success story, this is a reference to my above thoughts.