The Tide That Binds

The ending of junior year is very close and the coming of senior year is  growing even more surreal. Overall, I haven’t really enjoyed this year as much as I would of liked to and it feels like I’m trying to fit in a years worth of happiness in a very short amount of time before the summer hits. A lot of the time I think I know what my goals and ambitions are and then the other half of the time I’m debating myself out of what I’ve decided on. Take for instance, I love writing and I am not sure I want to make a career out of it because frankly I’m not that good. Having a realistic vision on some things, has helped narrow down decisions regarding what life after high school looks like for me, but luckily I still have time to be clueless and figure stuff out through another year, hopefully a memorable at that.

I just wanted to draw attention to the title because as I have mentioned before, I am kind of in love with the show One Tree Hill, and within the show there is an episode titled “A Tide That Binds” that talks about school things and what not, and for anyone looking for blog post titles, sometimes a good place to look is the shows that are right in front of you.

Last day of the month, but I’m still making my monthly entry, hurrah!