I managed to finish a script, write a poem and monologue all with the duration of two weeks. I have definitely challenge my creative process and received a few migraines along the way.

Below is a little sample of some of the work I have been doing:

S afety and comfort are stripped away from those who have no refuge

P assion will make even the slightest difference in ruined worlds and humanity’s quest

A ction requires more than standing on a pedestal

G ive what you want, but do not need

H elp.  People are often tangled, twisted and waiting for the thing that will unravel their problems

E ngrossed in our own thoughts but not dismissed from the world’s trouble

Tragedy is a deafening matter and silence speaks louder than words

Take note of the voice you wish to hear. Tomorrow doesn’t come to those who sleep today

I nvest in the hope for a better society, and defeat the burden many carry.