Not Quite There

My rant for the month: Story time!
Most people probably understand the feeling that comes when working in groups on projects and such, for me this feeling can only be described as open-mindedness. I love people, and yes I say this with no sarcasm because it’s true. What I don’t love is people who try to take the easy way out of things. Working with people is fun and not something I get to do often, but I am so scared sharing my opinion that often I sit on the sidelines knowing a piece of creativity could of been made but wasn’t. I had known that this piece of literature was being interpreted not in the way it should of been, and I never said anything. This month I went to an audition, the one that got me into this summer program and so on, and when I was there it was the most freeing experience I have ever encountered. I had a fresh start with the ability to make first impressions on people and because of my fear of failure I got the chance to see what it felt like to lead and I did so incredibly well. Before I get off track more then I already have and start talking about the influence of fear; I just know competition will always exist, and clean-slates will not always be given, so I really need to make changes within the people I know to grow as a leader.

Was that inspirational enough?