A Travelling Heart




Here I have composed below a list of places (fictional and non-fictional) that I either wish to live in, or actually see myself living in. I have never been able to find a place that actually felt like home my whole life. The town I live in now, let’s call it “Maple Bridge” for the fun of it, has never been a place that I have ever been able to see myself building a life after high school with. As you will see from the ones listed below, I really love the idea of small beach towns.


Fictional) One Tree Hill

Who wouldn’t want to grow up in a small town with the infamous Chad Michael Murray within walking distance. Everyone is always quoting famous authors and achieving extreme standards of independence for high school students.

Real)Echo Bay – Vancouver Island

Real) Victoria Vancouver Island

Real) Tobermory, Ontario

Real) Picton, Ontario


Fictional) Rosewood


This place might have a secrets in every corner, but everyone on some level wants a little adventure.

Fictional) Mystic Fallsoriginals-tours

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