Defeat Is Not An Option

My new writing venture is going to involve reading scripts more times then I can count,  and watching the movie to go along with for about the same. I was reading about the process of pitching ideas and how to go about doing it. So while I have this time off for the holidays, that’s my area of focus. The only thing that’s missing from my research is a mentor. I’m one of those people who would benefit greatly by getting strict and realistic feedback that can draw me closer to my main goal. Writing a screenplay. As of now I am taking an independent study on screenwriting and in the following year I will be making a short film to go along with the script created. However, the creative process has not seemed to come easy. Research has been done, but it doesn’t count for much in making an original idea. While I’m on this journey I’ll pray for the best this Christmas season and hope for a project I can be proud of in the new year.



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