Layered Thoughts

This week has been rough — to say the least. It just seemed like recently I’m constantly reminded that I’m not outgoing enough or smart enough or just a lot of those common worries. The thing is though, I care so much about how my actions will portray my future and it’s terrifying to be an introvert in this day an age. One of the things that really stood out for me though was the ability I had to recognize that harm putting my own self down was and I turned those words into something positive. Bettering the lives of friends and other I know around me and really understanding them rather then excessively focusing on what was wrong with me. There has been some up and downs, for sure. However one of the positive things that I believe could really help in the near future would be to shift focus on a variety of things instead, advice is often precluded into the opposite direction, but I’m not sure anymore that will apply to everything. So that could be just something to think and hold on to.


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