Confused & Sleepwalking

So after doing some well needed research on sleepwalking, I came to the conclusion that I had experienced something called “Somnambulism.” It means having your eyes open while your asleep; a very rare phenomenon.

My first encounter with sleepwalking with my eyes open was no less then a month ago. I was away from home, which is the reason I think it happened in the first place. I was dreaming about something and had no recollection of what I was doing. Everything around me looked like it should, but in my head I was somewhere different. It was not long after something had let my brain recall what I was doing. This again being rare, as most people experience sleep walking with no memory of it. I however can remember everything to the moment I gained my reality back.

This happened again the following day. However, this is where it might get interesting. I was in my dream trance and remember looking outside my window and seeing people sitting outside. These were unknown people to me. My environment was still the same as when I had fallen asleep, and even in my dreaming I tried to make sense of why they were there. Again as what happened with the previous night I gained control within minutes and recognized where I was a crawled back into bed.

The next day yet again I had another dream and sleepwalked. Luckily during these times I had not waken any others up, for I gained complete consciousness before it lead to any disruption. When I arrived home the sleepwalking stopped. Today I still wonder what may have been an instigator for these oddly dreams.

If anyone else has ever encountered any of what I just described, feel free to share!


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