25 Relatable Confessions

1. I love cheesy romantic movies

2. I dislike most animals

3. If I could have one power, it’d be mind reading

4. I watch more romantic comedies then I should

5. Most of the time I’m a hypocrite when it comes to TV shows. I used to complain about what a “dumb girly show” Pretty Little Liars’ is, and here I am on my third year watching it. Same goes for the Vampire Diaries…

6. My mom thinks if I don’t have seconds at the dinner table I either have an eating problem or I’m sick

7.  Guitar and the outdoors are the only two things that can really clear my mind

8. I’m a strong believer in GOD

9. I’ll clean if it’s my idea

10. I have a strong hatred for partiers, those who do drugs, and anyone who drinks underage. However I wish I could come across less uptight

11. Smoking is the one thing I could never accept about someone —  If only I could be okay with everyone’s choices

12. I’m afraid my plans for the future are to unrealistic

13. I have sleepwalked

14. Sometimes the songs I listen to can give me non realistic expectations for a situation

15. I can eat almost anything I don’t like if it’s given to me by a friend or an acquaintance

16. Being a people pleaser is something I am often judged for but find joy in

17. Grades will stress me out to the point of biting my gums

18. If I miss one shower I feel disgusting

19. Musty rain and camping together give me the sensation of nails on a chalkboard

20. I’ve always wanted to live in a small beach town

21. I frequently get excited when I join a lot of things but then become unable to achieve them all like I had envisioned

22. The dark still scares me because I watched too many horror movies as a kid

23. Sarcasm helps with making decisions

24. Befriending people I never thought about knowing has really changed my perception of people

25. I never wear makeup and sometimes find myself reading about why others do.



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