Entitled To Succeed

Let’s say school started tomorrow. The beginning of the end. Junior year and all the baggage that comes along with it. I remember about seven years ago, I had to of been at least eight or so. I would watch all the nostalgic shows people talk about now, and wait for the day I could walk those high school halls and be the kind of teen with cool clothing and a nice group of friends they showed on TV. When it came down to it I just didn’t care about any of that. I wanted to study until my brain hurt and make it out of school with a hopeful future. Now? I’m more unsure then I’ve really ever been. There are no “first day montages” rolling through my head anymore. It’s all workstudyworkstudyworkstudydriverslicenseworkstudy. I was warned, so I am really just taking this time to  reflect on how I should preserver and make this year top the last and so on. I’m in high school, that doesn’t mean I’m entitled to complain. Everyone goes in, and those who find the moments that make it worth while come out the best they’ve ever been. This year I’m going to focus on my grades of course, building stronger relationships with my friends, and really enjoying being young and eager to succeed. After all, attitude is everything.


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