Towards A Larger Step

After experiencing one of the most challenging and adventurous two weeks of my life, coming back home has been a let down. During that time away I was able to test my physical fitness as well as my emotional maturity.

The program I have recently completed was of discipleship training and camp leading. We did things such as; caving, rock climbing, repelling, canoeing, helping out with camp activities, first aid and so much more. The in depth study of what it means to be a follower of god though was what initially held importance.

Fear became a problem early on. To doing things that I never had the privilege to do previously was a motivator, but without these words I would of never accomplished as much as I did

“God will never give you anything more than you can handle” – 1 Corinthians 10:13

This just really brought light to mind over matter and the idea of trust and perseverance. The kind of relationships I had with other people and the environment, was more compassionate and selfless then I ever expected. It was truly a blessing that I will forever be thankful for. The only other thing that made this trip less than perfect was an injury that was easily treated, but worrisome. It held up one or two opportunities but I was in good hands and I continued the journey more prominently afterwards.

What do I see for the future after arriving back into casual day to day? I would really hope to find other ways to make the summer fulfilling in some more different and exciting ways. I have a desire to keep in touch with the people I came into close relations with. The idea of doing a closely similar idea has come to mind. Though mostly I want to enjoy what I’ve been given and be content it what I have not.