The Tune Unwinds

tumblr_l82ymfAZJ11qbkwn4o1_1280tumblr_mtb9odO0QJ1siqwndo1_500Have you ever found yourself notable of an outcome which made the time in between almost unbearable? This is my situation right now. Travelling is something I had never been given the option to due at a younger age. Now that I am more inclined and able to do such thing, I am terrified beyond belief of what I have gotten myself into. Going to a new place with unfamiliar people may seem uncomforting, but boarding a plane and all the small details in between is enough to drive my insanity over the edge. The clocks unwinding tune seemingly skyrockets every minute I wait for the day I depart; eight days for the count.

My feet will only be touching the surface of what the world has to offer. If only the time in between wasn’t so infuriatingly slow.

QOTD: What was your first travel experience?igp0284


The Kidnapping Of Hannah Anderson – Movie Review

I don’t typically do reviews on movies I have recently watched but I felt this deserved one.

“The Kidnapping of Hannah Anderson” is a true story based on a young girl who was kidnapped then miraculously saved. The story is really heart wrenching and if you ever have the chance to read up more on it I suggest you do. The movie keeps true to the real events that took place, the actor who portrays Hannah Anderson is really sweet, likeable and good at what she does. However, in my opinion I felt that a lot more could of been done with the characters emotions of fear and grief. When a portrayal of a real life event is being broadcast I think evoking some relation of pain or guilt should exceed importance to make the audience feel. I’m not an actor, nor do I work in television, this is a mere review of what I watched. I advise to whoever reads this, watch the movie and tell me your thoughts. Maybe I was expecting too much out of it, which in that case I still give it 4/5 because the plot and storyline was true to the original.

Draft Of Many

Crop tops, board shorts  and the sound of flip flops in the distance, have never felt so calming and familiar. With summer within reach, the time to sit back and relax is gone. This year has been that turn point for working, volunteering and leadership. Not only am I continuing on with these things in the summer but I have the opportunity to travel, and that is what makes it all worth while. My initial outlook on the summer is that I’m going to focus on what I need to do to pursue more dependability and work ethic. When fall comes rolling back, I will take what I have learned and expand it to long term achievement.