Conjuring Thoughts

Back when I thought “being a writer” meant only writing novels, there was a sense of confusion as to why I wanted to tell a story but not through publishing a book. Now years later I have discovered what it was that I was searching for, screen writing/script writing. With a love for character creation and collaboration with new people my passion was clear. As you can tell by my poor sentence structure and lack of strong vocabulary, I have many years to go. Aside from looking through all different aspects of writing, I really am oblivious as to what it is that sparked my interest In Screenwriting, the commitment, low starter salary, and probability of work being turned into something that doesn’t even look like mine, sure did not help any.

A few weeks ago I went to this career fair where I talked with a whole variety of people who worked in different fields and the person who really got me excited about my future was the women who worked in the arts, she told me that “As crazy as it is to make it in this world, if you want something bad enough you will find a way to do it”

Takeaway for this week: Every path has its puddles, step to the side and move on


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