Existing Cliché’s


My family is an indication that clichés most certainly exist for a reason. We live mundane lives and there really is never anything to say much after that. People grow up wanting relationships with people that come with danger, suspense, romance. It’s not our fault but it’s because we look at how life is supposed to be pursued in media, as opposed to how it actually transpires in reality. We were raised to want more. More passion, more drama. We were not taught how to be content with happiness because television and or books don’t happen like that. If you were to make a documentary about my life, you would be bored out of your mind. Terrible things happen to everyone, but the problems I face are not nearly gasping or eye watering material.

I am not saying television is a bad thing, because I have written essays beyond essays about what it can do for us. It’s the perception that you need drama in your life to be happy. It’s not true, it’s really not. It may not grab people’s attention, if you are not in a dramatic relationship but you shouldn’t care. If you’re not caught up in a love triangle or dating the dangerous guy, do not go looking for that if you already have the sweet and simple nice guy. More times then not, unhappiness is an illusion, brought up by comparison to other things.

Now as I sit drinking my iced tea, I bring my ramble to a closure. Ta ta for now!

-Love Blogger101 ❤


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