A Road Of Many

You know what magic is to me? Going on one of those completely cliche road trips, where music is blaring through the radio and life gets a whole lot simpler. Around a year or so to go before this idea of mine becomes reality. I always believed a road trip with friends was like a right of passage before graduating high school. A reminder of the independence that would soon be in are lives. All I want is to stay on top of my studies so I have room to do random childish teen things everyone person should do before they have to take on real responsibilities. Just thinking back, I have never had a full vision of what I wanted or what I was to expect with every thing growing up. I kind of just took problems and difficulties day by day. The things I could not change I accepted them and moved on to the next thing. However, when I really wanted something, and something that mattered that was in my control. I excelled at achieving it. Having a mind set of not knowing and yet working for an answer is what I believe everyone should try and do. It has given me so much insight on to who I am and how I can work and motivate myself better. Well that was my spiel. Enjoy your day.



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