Existing Cliché’s


My family is an indication that clichés most certainly exist for a reason. We live mundane lives and there really is never anything to say much after that. People grow up wanting relationships with people that come with danger, suspense, romance. It’s not our fault but it’s because we look at how life is supposed to be pursued in media, as opposed to how it actually transpires in reality. We were raised to want more. More passion, more drama. We were not taught how to be content with happiness because television and or books don’t happen like that. If you were to make a documentary about my life, you would be bored out of your mind. Terrible things happen to everyone, but the problems I face are not nearly gasping or eye watering material.

I am not saying television is a bad thing, because I have written essays beyond essays about what it can do for us. It’s the perception that you need drama in your life to be happy. It’s not true, it’s really not. It may not grab people’s attention, if you are not in a dramatic relationship but you shouldn’t care. If you’re not caught up in a love triangle or dating the dangerous guy, do not go looking for that if you already have the sweet and simple nice guy. More times then not, unhappiness is an illusion, brought up by comparison to other things.

Now as I sit drinking my iced tea, I bring my ramble to a closure. Ta ta for now!

-Love Blogger101 ❤


101 Things I Love

So I thought this would be a fun and easy challenge.

1. Nutella (of course!)
2. Large sweaters
3. Love songs (cliché, I know)
4. Guitar playing
5. Live music
6. Sitting outside at night
7. Relatable books/characters
8. Listening to music in the dark
9. Venting my thoughts (Twitter! Hell yeah)
10. Painting my nails to match my mood
11. Beach waves
12. Bootie slippers
13. Hugs
14. Volunteering
15. Classic movies/Black & White
16. Creative quotes
17. Turtles
18. Road trips
19. Late night conversations
20. Mashed potatoes (okay, no more food, I promise!)
21. Blue or Hazel eyes
22. Unpopular artists (I have this weird theory about thinking I have discovered hidden talent just for me, plus there’s a better chance at being able to speak to them)
23. Halloween
24. New items
25. Inspirational posters
26. Older people (wiser, someone to look up to)
27. Hot teachers (if only there were ones like Ezra)
28. Projects
29. Being invited to something (best feeling in the world. Indescribable)
30. Planning in my head
31. Scheduling
32. Outdoors
33. Internet Café’s
34. Pictures with friends
35. Talking to family
36. Sleeping on the couch
37. Skate boarding
38. Writing
39. Awards
40. Acting
41. Script writing
42. Competition
43. Near death experiences (I’m sorry, they intrigue me, it’s never happened to anyone I know, so I’m fascinated)
44. Blankets
45. Getting A’s
46. Tuesday’s
47. September-November
48. Book clubs
49. The Game Of Life
50. Awkward (TV series)
51. Freedom
52. Fabulous book covers
53. Giving speeches
54. Talking in public
55. Sales
56. Dr. Pepper (does not count as food)
57. Mysteries
58. Long lasting tv shows
59. Netflix (this should of been at the top, I forgot to add it)
60. Movie theaters
61. Libraries
62. Student-Teacher Relationships (again, just fascinated by as all)
63. Self taught musicians
64. Ellen Degeneres (who doesn’t love her?)
67. Being happy 🙂
68. Tough love
69. Old CD’s
70. Notebooks/Journals
71. Watching serial killer murder documentaries
72. Disney
73. Romance movies
74. A Walk To Remember
75. Bucket Lists
76. Attention to detail
77. Being prepared
78. Making someone laugh
79. Old Couples
80. Raising awareness for a cause
81. Being open minded
82. Bubble wrap
83. Spraying whip cream in my mouth, straight from the bottle
84. Hot construction workers
85. Midnight snacks
86. Sharing TV/Movie interests with someone
87. Wearing goofy glasses
88. Saying “no judgement”
89. Behind the scenes in film making
90. Glitter
91. Old cameras
92. Rainy days
93. Chapped Lips
94. The number 8
95. Exercising
96. Walks around the lake
97. Breakfast alone
98. Maps
99. Shakespeare
100. Mediums (Talking to the dead)
101. Blogging

Few, I did it! That took quite a while, fun nevertheless. -Blogger101

A Rhythm Of Poetry

A Road Not Taken

A Book Unwritten

Words Unspoken

Quivering Lips

A Loss Of Faith

Give In

Give Up

It’s Time To Change

Thoughts of Comfort

Mind Running Short

Don’t Pretend

Open Your Mind

Jump In

Jump Out

All We Have Is Time

Look With Your Eyes

Not With The Mind



You Will Make The World Your Own

Be Afraid

Stand Out

When Things Are At There Worst

Find Your Home

Learn A Lesson

Not A Story



Don’t Be Sorry

Unveiled Amusement

Today I made a choice


Without a thought

Living without thinking

Now that’s tough

Sleep without decisions

Is like a day without a plan

Taking steps

Making change

Humiliation is a tactic

To face ones fears





Finishing with a golden cheer

Is it over?

Am I content?

A monster

An angel

Possibly love wrecked

I’m not amused

Maybe I’m amazed

Unveiled amusement

Has left me


A Road Of Many

You know what magic is to me? Going on one of those completely cliche road trips, where music is blaring through the radio and life gets a whole lot simpler. Around a year or so to go before this idea of mine becomes reality. I always believed a road trip with friends was like a right of passage before graduating high school. A reminder of the independence that would soon be in are lives. All I want is to stay on top of my studies so I have room to do random childish teen things everyone person should do before they have to take on real responsibilities. Just thinking back, I have never had a full vision of what I wanted or what I was to expect with every thing growing up. I kind of just took problems and difficulties day by day. The things I could not change I accepted them and moved on to the next thing. However, when I really wanted something, and something that mattered that was in my control. I excelled at achieving it. Having a mind set of not knowing and yet working for an answer is what I believe everyone should try and do. It has given me so much insight on to who I am and how I can work and motivate myself better. Well that was my spiel. Enjoy your day.