Fortunate Rewrites

During my almost carefree holiday break, I have been discovering and trying to find several writing prompts to do for fun. This is one is still a work in progress but I thought I might share it with you either way.

So for a brief summary, the idea was to pick a person, and develop personality, a problem they would be facing, and write their solution differently then what you would want them to choose. Like I said, definitely a work in progress, but it’s been a blast. Also without intentionally trying too, I made it really dark, and depressing.

Fortunate Mistakes                 (Monologue) by Namara

If only my alarm clock had not gone off, if only my doctors appointment had not been rescheduled, if only I had not gone to school, would I still be in this complicated predicament. My mind can keep exploring the “if only” and the “what ifs” but reality is still the same, I’m Campbell Turner and my best friend is gone. Not gone as in dead so to speak, but gone as in ran away, missing person. When I arrived at school there were news reporters, flyers, and police in every place imaginable. It was chaotic and overwhelming. By lunch I was in the girls washroom eating in one of the stalls. I just couldn’t take anymore of the staring, or questions or just well…anyone of it. Last night my family went out for Chinese food and I was taken back when at the end of the night I was opening my fortune cookie and it read “Prepare Yourself” I thought nothing of it, but coincidently it makes a lot more sense as of now.


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