Come On

December is wonderful, I love it. Change in the weather, weeks off school and of course Christmas. It’s great. Also bittersweet, because the new year is approaching and there was so much that I wanted to do. My favourite thing to do is point out how lame I am, and thinking of the things I accomplished this year, it only highlights the fact even more. I spend days in my room playing guitar, thinking, studying, and once in a while I work and possibly volunteer somewhere. My life is not all too thrilling. Then I’ll watch something on Netflix, a show or something about high school with witty and relaxed characters. and it’ll make me think maybe I should talk or act more like them, but then I get to school and nothings changed. It was all in my head. Just a show. Then there I am feeling like such a weirdo because I believed by watching a show I could change who I am. Crazy I know. Anyways, my little rant got my train of thought tossed out the window. Where was I? Oh yes, December, school ending, the new year.

I really hope to see what writing does for me in the new year. My goal is to see what Fan Fiction does for my path in writing. Reading more is definitely going to be another thing on my list of top priorities for 2015, wow it feels weird saying that, even though were not there yet. Anyways, make the most of these few weeks left of 2014, I’m really hoping to.



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