Ten Things I Have Fallen In Love With

1. Guitar Playing

2. Typewriters

3. Old Movies

4. Volunteering

5. Being A Leader

6. Stories about ventures to far off places

7. Tuesdays

8. Technical Theatre

9. Waking Up Early

10. Photography


Say Anything

A lot of the time All the time, I find myself critizing the way I often speak, react, learn, it just happens to be something I am, along with other people as well are stuggling with. I tend to say things like “It’s my fault”, “I’m not very bright”, or one of the most common “I’m a horrible person”, now do not get me wrong, I do not say these things because I am an “Attention seeker” or “Fishing for compliments” its just an automatic response to the reactions people may give me about certain things I may say or do. The one thing I would really of loved to have done this year (and I mean “year “because I am about to have a brithday soon) is to have grown with more self confidence and better stage presence. However, it seemed I shyed away a lot more then I would of liked.

It always seemed in my younger years, it payed off to be shy, but now that I am now in situations where everyone is out going, it’s a re dissadvantage. So I guess the question is how? How do I fix this problem of mine. Are there tricks to helping with these certain problems? Will it change who I am if I’m more outspoken?  I really do not know the answers to these questions, but I really would like to find some. Maybe then my life would get a whole lot brighter.