Why I Love Tuesdays

I suppose we all have a certain liking to a specific day of the week, well mine just happens to be Tuesdays. Here are just a few more reasons why:

AWKWARD! Everyone I have possibly ever have come into contact with knows I absolutely adore this show. Why? Because I can relate to the character so well, she’s a young aspiring blogger, who can never say the right thing. Hence the name “Awkward.” Oh I fogot to mentioned, incase it was not assumed, Awkward is a televsion show that airs on Tuesdays!

Work! Because the week has only just started I actually have time to process a thought or two.

Photography Club! Although I am practically in just about every club my schools has, I take a particularly strong liking to photography, so being able to take pictures and express my creativity is wonderful.

Poetry time!

I get a real sense of enjoyment during this time of the week, the weekends are so …hetic


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