Where To Begin

In this seemingly bizarre world, we all are filled with anxiety about our deepest insecurities. Even those who say they don’t have them, actually do. Some people just have better ways of coping with them then others. What I thought I should share with you all is that it’s okay to be insecure, in fact the more you are the better, because the insecurities you have will only emphasize your motivation to do and be better. I am not saying you should ALWAYS try to be a better person then you already are, because for some, they are already the greatest person they can be. I just wanted to give you something to sleep on. Thanks! Have a wonderful October.


2 thoughts on “Where To Begin

  1. I always appreciate it when people can be honest about their insecurities. It might take a while for me to learn from mine, but I like that I at least have somewhere to start 🙂

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