Why I Love Tuesdays

I suppose we all have a certain liking to a specific day of the week, well mine just happens to be Tuesdays. Here are just a few more reasons why:

AWKWARD! Everyone I have possibly ever have come into contact with knows I absolutely adore this show. Why? Because I can relate to the character so well, she’s a young aspiring blogger, who can never say the right thing. Hence the name “Awkward.” Oh I fogot to mentioned, incase it was not assumed, Awkward is a televsion show that airs on Tuesdays!

Work! Because the week has only just started I actually have time to process a thought or two.

Photography Club! Although I am practically in just about every club my schools has, I take a particularly strong liking to photography, so being able to take pictures and express my creativity is wonderful.

Poetry time!

I get a real sense of enjoyment during this time of the week, the weekends are so …hetic


You Don’t Have To Be A Modern Day Shakespeare

I know after a while it gets annoying to write about writing, but I promise this will be the last time I do for quite some time. Honestly today, I really just wanted to rant. That’s what I made this blog for, was to rant. Not for views, or likes, but for my own personal enjoyment. Anyways, back to my subject. I believe as the years progress, less and less people want to write for things other then gossip magazines, or pop culture. There is something simplistic about writing about the real things that are happening around you, it just makes the world seems smaller, and you are able to relate more to “real” people. I know a lot of times I’ll be reading something pleased with what they have written, but then there it is, in big bold words “please like, please subscribe, please comment” don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with asking for feedback, but there comes a point where its almost as if your not confident in what you do, and a lot of people, not just myself, that would feel m0re likely to contact the person on what they had done if they weren’t told to. So that’s kind of my ramble for today. Have I mentioned my undyeing love for Tuesdays? Well I have one, and I wish the best for yours.

Where To Begin

In this seemingly bizarre world, we all are filled with anxiety about our deepest insecurities. Even those who say they don’t have them, actually do. Some people just have better ways of coping with them then others. What I thought I should share with you all is that it’s okay to be insecure, in fact the more you are the better, because the insecurities you have will only emphasize your motivation to do and be better. I am not saying you should ALWAYS try to be a better person then you already are, because for some, they are already the greatest person they can be. I just wanted to give you something to sleep on. Thanks! Have a wonderful October.