Highlighted Decisions

Sorry! I almost cannot believe its been three weeks since I have written anything. So I just wanted to take the time (that I now finally have) to say a few things. By the way, I am pretty proud of my title for this post, because in a way it relates to what I’ll be discussing next.
So this exceptional book I had the wonderful opportunity to read recently was called “Racing Savannah” written by the wonderful Miranda Kennelly. Anyways, there was this character in the book who reminded me a lot of myself in way, he loved making screenplays. It was only for fun, but that gave me a marvelous idea of taking that up as a hobble. It would be like writing Fan Fiction, except in Script form, plus it would bring me so much enjoyment.
Well I’m glad I got to ramble for a bit, before the week restarts and I am back to being unable manage a real thought.

If anyone knows of any good student-teacher, forbidden romance novels. Please leave a comment below!


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