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I Stopped Thinking

I could not think of what to write, so I stopped thinking. My books that were piled with inspiration, just didn’t do the trick this time. So I took it further and flashed back to the fall of the new millennium. Vaguely I recalled my middle school days with an air of regret, remembering how my bad hair and clothes drew jeers and snickers, and how my obsession with writing seemed to automatically demote my status to that of a social-leper. Lingering momentarily on that memory, I very quickly disregarded it, believing quite fully as an adult and an intellectual, such social barriers would no longer exist.
Social barriers were always a source of confusion for me. Why label a perfectly nice individual as a nerd or geek simply because they prefer the company of literature to that of a Cover Girl? Why belittle someone because they have a love for drama instead of a love for fashion? Why did they have to be mutually exclusive anyway? However, I hoped that High School would be different. At least in the teen world that existed in my head.
This tale which to many of you, I’m sure, can relate. Everyone, especially during these tender adolescent years, deals with their own insecurities and misgivings, wondering if they’re really understood or accepted by their peers. However, jump ahead a decade and you will hopefully see a shift in power. The truth is full frontal “nerdity” is about to take over the world.


Dream For Thought

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had dreams that had no barriers. Thats what dreams are supposed to be about. They are there to be used for wishful thinking and giving yourself the sensation of joy or happiness, not to remind you of how impossible it may be to obtain what you most desire.

When I watch a video on television or in social media, I cannot help but think what it would be like if I just dropped everything and travelled to that place to meet those people. Anyone can do it, it just takes time and money. Or when I see an individual singing with all their heart and soul, I imagine what would happen if I were to ever be apart of helping showcase talent like that. Anything that involves bringing joy to people’s eyes is what I refer to as magic, and that’s what I dream to make.
I can imagine a better life, a better career, even a better family. But it’s always hard work, faith and determination that will decide what happens for you.