Day 7: Even Angels Fall

Well I made it! Day 7 and this is the last of my week interpretation of music. The last song I have is called Even Angels Fall by Jessica Riddle.

I’m going to leave out a video with lyrics on this one so I can just simply explain what it means.

Jessica Riddle is a phenomenal artist, her singing is genuine and far from the manufactured pop music in today’s society. That’s what so great about her song Even Angels Fall. It’s about her real life experiences. “You will fly and you will fall, god knows even angels fall” those lyrics are the main premise of the song. We have drawbacks in life that we learn from. We find hope, we even find faith, sometimes we don’t know how fast people can take it away. We find true love, we lose our hearts, then we try to discover who we are. Your story is built on the mistakes you make and how you fix them, that’s what this song truely represents.


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