Myself And The Big Screen

Films are often used as a teaching tool, to give others an alternative perspective on our way of life. Many of us do not know the impacts a “good” movie will have on our emotional being. When I watch a movie I look for any contributing factors that will persuade me to watch it over and over again. Those factors would be things such as incredible storylines, relatable dialogue, fantastic acting and last but not least, a love story that’s not predictable, because those you don’t find every day.

By 4 years old, I had latched on to the concept of movie titles and actors, though directors, composers, etc., would take a few years longer. By the time I was 12 and getting a nice allowance AND living in a city where such things were available, I started buying soundtrack albums, as well as movie-based comics and novelizations. As of now I am proudly reviewing my thoughts and opinions on movies I have watched or wish to. So, yes, I suppose I am a film/movie buff. I have the packed shelves and cluttered brain as proof.

I’ve come to think about movie watching in a very specific way, and over the years I’ve noticed trends in the types of movie buffs that view films differently than me. And I think that’s where a lot of my bafflement with a lot of movie bloggers comes from because sometimes I look at a site by someone I like and see everything they review and ask myself: why are you even watching these movies? In an attempt to figure this all out, I’ve outlined some very broad categories of moviegoers and tried to give a vague sense of how these people approach films in order to try to wrap my head around all this.


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