This is important.

Can I relate? Possibly. Is this not an incredible piece of writing? Definitely

Words of a Stubborn Girl

When you love something, when something is your whole life, you have to talk about it. If you hide it away, has it really affected you? Why be ashamed of something that matters to you so much? It makes no sense. So there’s a story that I just have to write about, because it changed my life, and it can change yours. So take some time and hear me out; I promise that I won’t waste your time.

When I say that I am a Christian, most of the time people just roll their eyes. They label me as “that religious girl,” and I am automatically written off as a judgmental hypocrite.  I understand where that connotation for the word “Christian” came from, I really do. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always practice what I preach, but then again, no one is perfect. That is the…

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