Think About It

Strength in the face of pain or guilt are things ourselves typically overlook. We do not know what “real” pain is until we have watched others suffer.

As my English class started on Tuesday and everyone took their seats, my mind was unaware of the lesson I was about to endure. My English teacher saunters in and begins the class. The impolite and loud boys in the back of the class were constantly speaking. One of the guys, very bravely was clarifying how he could not do the homework assignment because he was too “busy” and then said some other preposterous stuff that my teacher was not going for. As the others in the classroom continued to laugh at the show that was going on right in front of their eyes. My English teacher grabbed a chair and spoke in the most “inspirational speaker” fashion. “You may think this class is hard now, just wait. Maybe you really were “too busy” to do the homework, but let me tell you something, you’re not going to go anywhere in life with that attitude. When I was taking classes in college to get where I am today, I was struggling with Cancer, pushed myself through every course, and determined I was going to have a better future. Students like yourself who do not know the struggles of obtaining a successful future yet, will discover that when it most matters, then you’ll be too late. So maybe I would do this assignment if I were you, unless you think you can afford another zero, which by the looks of things right now, doesn’t seem likely.” Silence washed over the class for a good thirty seconds before the motion was given for us to move forward with the assignment that was given. Chit-chat arose from the room within time. As I was writing, I could not help but overhear one of the other students in class whisper to their friend, “That was some deep shit, too bad not a lot of people care about their grades” Then continued to use this over baring laugh. I was shocked, disappointed, embarrassed of how much I took what she said to heart, when it was not directed at me, and just overall frustrated at the disrespect they were giving her.

Inspiring lesson, disappointing outcome -Blogger101 ❤


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