Why MTV Did Not Brainwash Me

This was a little essay I had to do for something ways back. It is quite a bit under edited and certainly not the best thing I have written, but enjoy nevertheless.

Whether we realize it or not, mass media surrounds us in our mundane lives. Social success stories come from efficient collaboration and influential people who use media to their advantages. I believe social media has a significant impact on my perspective towards the world, and created influential impressions on society in the following ways: Promotes opinions more efficiently, gives you the ability to learn at a quicker rate, and lastly it impacts our identity.

Individuals have a voice and in this expeditious online world, opinions and thoughts are being spoken and shared more rapidly than ever before. This is one of the many positive impressions social media has on us. One of the great ways myself and other teens are positively using expressive writing is through personal blogs. They are becoming more popular today among adolescents and it’s certainly beneficial because we often write about positive behaviours such as; studying, participating in school activities, and spending time with family. We pour ourselves into the social space and we take seriously the result of the connections we make. I need to write as an outlet. I may write about things that don’t interest everyone, but it helps me organize my thoughts and ideas. It also pushes my creatively. According to the founders of Live Science; as of now, 42,000,000 blogs exist and 75% are generated by teens. 329 million people view a blog and there are 25 billion pages viewed a month, with addition to 500,000 new posts a day. These are statistics showing the empowerment media has. Another great example regarding my subject is, how social media can help us able to obtain more information at a faster pace.

Children are starting to develop early communication skills, and generally are becoming more literate. This is an encouraging friend, simplistic and complex. Anyone can now become as intelligent as they desire with all the resources we are exposed to. Another significantly affective thing about having devices such as YouTube and Twitter at our fingers tips, is that since they’re capable of giving us vast information quickly, everyone is able to learn a language free of charge and at their own pace. As well, knowledge about achievements from gifted individuals can be shared amongst millions, and it gives them the recognition they deserve. Helping one another goes along with recognition. It has become a rapid development in the online world, individuals want to give advice to others seeking for some, and solutions for difficult problems are addressed for efficiently. Although this is the bulk of the message I am trying to convey, there is still one last example I would like to share, how does media impact our identity?

Media makes the world smaller. People are “closer” and we can reach more of them with less effort. It is wrongfully assumed that the online world or just media in general “makes” us do things. That is untrue, it’s just easier for us to fall prey to our own impulses and habits in a space where risks and costs are relatively low. So I say to stop blaming the media for our body and emotional issues. You have the option to share your identification, you also have the opportunities to portray someone else. You are at fault for the wrong information you share, the media is not to blame.

Given these points, when trying to express that the media is wrong, that is basically saying the entire world is wrong. As I have shown from the examples listed above, there are great effects to having the media play a massive role in our lives. The positive impacts of media are not always portrayed. We learn a significant amount more with mass media than without, our thoughts and opinions are able to be promoted, and our identity is affected, but not for the reasons that one would commonly think. Amin Maalouf once said “People sometimes imagine that just because they have access to so many newspapers, radio and TV channels, they will get an infinity of different opinions. Then they discover that things are just the opposite: the power of these loudspeakers only amplifies the opinion prevalent at a certain time, to the point where it covers any other opinion.” Be responsible for the choices you make surrounding mass media, let it help your knowledge grow in a positive way.


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