Leave The Pieces

To say the least, this week has been pretty self-rewarding, and filled with incredible people. I may have a lost a friend, but I felt it was a positive gain in my life not a negative. Life lesson: Stand up for what you believe and never let someone constantly remind you of your insecurities. Do not be afraid of those who have a greater understanding of something than you do. Find some positive energy, and use that to your advantage. Discover what brings out the best in you, and most importantly respect everyone you ever come across with know matter what, because everyone deserves respect, unless circumstances lead you to believe they do not.

Every week has a new story to tell, people to meet, and a new attitude, all based on how you respond to it. Leave the negatives behind every story, leave room for more but take in less. Never leave the pieces of imperfections, those are what strive our everyday motivations.

I write as if obstacles in my life always have a joyful ending, as in I saw the better side of the situation and here I am writing to you about it. My greatest wish is for everything to turn out that way, however that is false. I believe writing to be all about a story with an ending. Escape from what could be.  That is initially what I do. Everyday is something to write about it, it can be an imitation of art, and everybody makes their own differently. Just sometimes you have to let go of reality, to say what you want to say.

-Blogger101 ❤

Inspiration came from efficient collaboration with long time friends.



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