A Rivers Song

So my story has been chosen to go to the final part of this writing competition. Extremely thrilled.



Points Of View

For “fun” recently I took it upon myself to grow my perspective on how to view a story/book. So I decided to begin reading more books with a guys point of view, because I rarely find a book I enjoy told from their perspective. Of course being a girl and all, I have to be a little sexist when it comes to reading. Literature is my best friend, if I only understand half of it, then I must discover the rest for myself.

I hope everyone’s week has been enjoyable, plan to update more frequently soon. Thanks.

-Blogger101 ❤

Myself And The Big Screen

Films are often used as a teaching tool, to give others an alternative perspective on our way of life. Many of us do not know the impacts a “good” movie will have on our emotional being. When I watch a movie I look for any contributing factors that will persuade me to watch it over and over again. Those factors would be things such as incredible storylines, relatable dialogue, fantastic acting and last but not least, a love story that’s not predictable, because those you don’t find every day.

By 4 years old, I had latched on to the concept of movie titles and actors, though directors, composers, etc., would take a few years longer. By the time I was 12 and getting a nice allowance AND living in a city where such things were available, I started buying soundtrack albums, as well as movie-based comics and novelizations. As of now I am proudly reviewing my thoughts and opinions on movies I have watched or wish to. So, yes, I suppose I am a film/movie buff. I have the packed shelves and cluttered brain as proof.

I’ve come to think about movie watching in a very specific way, and over the years I’ve noticed trends in the types of movie buffs that view films differently than me. And I think that’s where a lot of my bafflement with a lot of movie bloggers comes from because sometimes I look at a site by someone I like and see everything they review and ask myself: why are you even watching these movies? In an attempt to figure this all out, I’ve outlined some very broad categories of moviegoers and tried to give a vague sense of how these people approach films in order to try to wrap my head around all this.

Passion Is Your Greatest Advantage

I thought for a challenge this week I would create a poem out of the titles I have used from past blog posts. This is how it turned out.

 There’s Something About The Rain

Think About It

Look Up

This Is Important

Someday We’ll Know

How You Remind Me

I Am

Following The Current


With Fears and Faults

A Struggle To Feel Excepted

When Remembering Some Warmer Times

You Got Me Going Insane

Sooner Or Later

Think About It And Take A Step Back

Remember How Amazing Life Truly Is

Because I was Once Told

This is My Awkward Ending

-Blogger101 ❤

Also known as Namara

Something About The Rain

Do you know that calm satisfying feeling that rarely comes around? There are numerous soothing effects on a human mind initiated by a rain sound. The ‘irregular’ rhythm of the raindrops falling from the sky produces a spectrum of emotions. Generally, it has a calming effect that helps you to focus your attention to more essential matters of your inner being.

Rain sounds will make your thoughts fly above the usual everyday stuff and will keep you closer to your true nature. Rain will give you a feeling of closeness with yourself. If you are in a room with other people while it is raining outside, you might experience some kind of a friendly and positive connection to them. There is just something about how it makes me feel at peace, whether it only be for a moment or so.

-Blogger101 ❤

Think About It

Strength in the face of pain or guilt are things ourselves typically overlook. We do not know what “real” pain is until we have watched others suffer.

As my English class started on Tuesday and everyone took their seats, my mind was unaware of the lesson I was about to endure. My English teacher saunters in and begins the class. The impolite and loud boys in the back of the class were constantly speaking. One of the guys, very bravely was clarifying how he could not do the homework assignment because he was too “busy” and then said some other preposterous stuff that my teacher was not going for. As the others in the classroom continued to laugh at the show that was going on right in front of their eyes. My English teacher grabbed a chair and spoke in the most “inspirational speaker” fashion. “You may think this class is hard now, just wait. Maybe you really were “too busy” to do the homework, but let me tell you something, you’re not going to go anywhere in life with that attitude. When I was taking classes in college to get where I am today, I was struggling with Cancer, pushed myself through every course, and determined I was going to have a better future. Students like yourself who do not know the struggles of obtaining a successful future yet, will discover that when it most matters, then you’ll be too late. So maybe I would do this assignment if I were you, unless you think you can afford another zero, which by the looks of things right now, doesn’t seem likely.” Silence washed over the class for a good thirty seconds before the motion was given for us to move forward with the assignment that was given. Chit-chat arose from the room within time. As I was writing, I could not help but overhear one of the other students in class whisper to their friend, “That was some deep shit, too bad not a lot of people care about their grades” Then continued to use this over baring laugh. I was shocked, disappointed, embarrassed of how much I took what she said to heart, when it was not directed at me, and just overall frustrated at the disrespect they were giving her.

Inspiring lesson, disappointing outcome -Blogger101 ❤