Thoughts On Twitter

Twitter is my paradise. For those of you who do not know what it is, it is an online website that gives anyone around the world the ability to share their thoughts publicly in 140 words or less. I assume you’re possibly thinking “well we have Facebook for that, so what’s the point?” or “How could it be any better? When you only get 140 words.” The idea behind it is, you learn to say what you have to say quickly and to the point, and it gives others the chance to, what I call “Freak Tweet” about television, books, music. Whatever is on your mind, and you’re able to do that without the worry of judgement from friends, or being too obsessive with what you post. Because on twitter, the more you “tweet” (what is known as posting) the better. Some individuals also make the comparison of Twitter to Instagram. They say “Instagram is just twitter with pictures.” As true as that may be, in my own personal opinion, I would not have Instagram to being with. Twitter is the place I go to, to say something short but sweet, when I have something I need to express off the top of my mind. Which then leads to one of the aspects of Twitter that I find most fascinating—exploring clusters of loosely related people by looking at the updates from their friends. There are stories told in between updates. Who’s at a conference, and do they know each other? Who’s on the road, and who’s at home. Narratives that wind around and between the updates and the people, that show connections. Updates that echo each other, or even directly respond to another Twitter post.


There’s more to it than that, but I’m still sorting it all out in my head. Just wanted to post an early-warning signal that I see something important happening here, something worth paying (more than partial) attention to.

If you ever want to catch my “Freak Tweeting” in action check me out on Twitter at @NamaraEppster



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