Choice Vs Chance

Someone once said that it’s choice, not chance, that determines our destiny.

I choose to care whole heartedly about a lot of things because that’s just how I grew up. I do not use that as my excuse though. I love to try at almost anything. If only there was a way I could help my fellow classmates work hard as well. Outside of high school, encouragement does not exactly exist. That’s why I am learning as much as I can now, before it’s all up to me.

Making the choices to succeed is how I got to where I am today. Chance, is what my peers are banking on to make it through life. Their families will have them covered with their fortune, but that only gets them so far in life, what about morals? Or how dare I say EFFORT?

I am exhausted of listening to the same speeches, the same quotes, and the lack of positive energy my generation has. My teachers/instructors in school have given me little “awards” for using simple common sense. That just shows how the knowledge in teens today has gone to hell. I probably believe the things I do, and act the way am because I may have adapted to my generation, but I wish to of been a part of an earlier one.

This may sound weird, but when I was younger and my friends began getting their phones, my mom had given me one but I refused to use it for a while. I believed I was better than my classmates. Not getting attached to such meaningless forms of communication. I have done that with several things in my life, TV, music and countless others. I make the choice to fix bad habits, and make others appreciate ones they do not have. If the exposure of technology affected my way of life I found a way to control it. Not leaving it up to chance. Because that’s how I live day by day. Choice over chance. A hopeful role model for future generations.

-You make the choice to be the person you are. Blogger101 ❤


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