Guilty Pleasures

Okay, I know I am definitely not alone in this when I say we all have “guilty pleasures” They are things such as a movie, television program, or even a piece of music, that you enjoy despite feeling that it is not generally held in high regard. untitled

Choruses of complaints about the dreaded day fill the classroom con delore. It’s often accompanied by groans that reach a frightening crescendo or soft sighs, signifying defeat. For those who have truly been driven mad by the fight, there might even be the staccato sounds of sobbing. And then there’s me, bright-eyed and eager, fingers moving over the keys allegro – computer keys, that is. The truth is: I love writing essays.

I once dared to casually mention this secret love of writing I had to a friend, thinking nothing of it. The reaction I received was at such a level of dismay and astonishment that I might as well have confessed a penchant for stealing walkers from the elderly. Soon enough, this innocent enjoyment of writing became an unlikely guilty pleasure. The delight I find in out-of-the-ordinary or thought-provoking prompts must be kept to myself. Uttering one word of the accomplishment I feel after completing an essay would put me at the risk of attack by stressed-out friends.

Soon enough, however, this chaotic piece will reach its end, and peace will be restored to high school classrooms worldwide. I am still puzzled as to why people wouldn’t enjoy an opportunity to discuss things important to them or express themselves through a piece of writing. Then again, people ask me how in the world I could find pleasure in such a task. I guess it’s the same way I’d explain my love for bad eighties music or fries dipped in milkshake – it’s simply a guilty pleasure.

Here are just a few more of the less intense pleasure’s I have.

Our Song by Taylor Swift: I am a total hypocrite when it comes to this song. I will say continuously how much I strongly dislike Taylor Swift’s music, but then every time the melody plays I get lost in my own thoughts.

Hannah Montana: This was from a younger phase of mine give or take seven years.

Teacher/Student Relationship. Books/Movies/Television: It’s really out there when I say that this topic really intrigues me. “Cliché” is what it has become known for. If you specifically search for it though, its hard to find “stuff” based on it. Its falsely notorious.

When I was younger I had more  guilty pleasures then I ever do now, they are always a part of me. Born in a world full of judgement, I was one of the unlucky ones who does everything in their power not stand out. I would love to hear your “guilty pleasures” in the comments below.



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