Love Your Perspective

Sadly I never posted anything this past weekend. I came down with a slight case of writers block. That’s what writing is all about learning to push through it. Although I try as best as I can to remember that I should write more for myself then for others, I still try to give readers something worth reading.

So I did talk about in my last post. how I wanted to showcase more of the kind and unique people I come face to face with in my everyday life. My goal is to do that every few weeks or so, but for now, let’s get into what this post is really about.

Are you a avid reader or movie lover? Well here are some highly recommended books and movies I think you have see!

Now get in mind, I am the person who loves reading books like “Fifty Shades Of Grey”, or “Pretty Little Liars”. There is a huge difference between those two but if you get the gist of what I’m trying to say continue reading, if not go look those up.

Movies: These all say something about society.

1. LOL

2. A Walk To Remember

4. Save The Last Dance

5. Flowers In The Attic

Now for some must reads. Most of these are tied into forbidden love.

1. Honor Thy Teacher

2. Stealing Parker

3. Keep Holding On

4. Roam

5. A Different Blue

-Blogger101 ❤ There you have it, see you soon.



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