How You Remind Me

Well, tomorrow is Monday. Another day another story tell.

It seems to be every week I meet someone who helps me want to become a more improved person. As in, trying to find more and more ways to help another. The question I always ask myself is “Are you fit company for the person you wish to become?”

I live a strange way of life. I want to help others yet the only thing I can seem to write about is myself, of course that’s not to say I have not written about others in the past, but I find it hard to do it often. My challenge this week is to not only meet a remarkable human being, but write about them as well, and not about how they inspired me or anything of that sort, but who inspired them to be the person they are. If that makes sense?

Monday will be over before you know it, the rest of the week, well…we can only hope.

-Blogger101<3 ~Happiness is only a day away~



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