Following The Current

Day after day I be seated in the same place as lunch arrives. The people I have come to know assemble next to me and exchange words, while I drown out the noise. Because only a few tables over, there is this beautiful girl. I do not know who she is or how old, but I cannot help but want to. She sits day by day with her phone clutched between her finger. What I interpreted it was to not seem alone, like she was only waiting for someone to arrive, but the bell singles lunch to a close and they never come. Why can I not ever find the courage to walk over and say a simple “hello”? It may be because I follow them. The kind people I once thought I knew, turned out to be individuals who do not share the same morals nor would ever do something that unethical. I want to break free from them and be the person I know I can be, but at the same time I wonder, maybe I am seeing the situation completely wrong, what if this girl is alone for a reason? And what if by talking to her, she starts to think I am only by pity or guilt. I will wait to see for another day. If she is alone yet again I will create my own path, be the person others could but choose not to be.


One thought on “Following The Current

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