The Extent Of Media

Its been a while since I have written something on a subject that I had a real opinion about, surprisingly today, an idea just came to me. It is something I have always wanted to write just was not sure how, and now I know the message I want to give with  it.

Bullying . We all know what it is, more specifically how wrong it is. Today there are still groups, rallies, you name it,  trying to find a way to make it disappear once and for all. We hope and pray for it to change but somehow we know it won’t. I always wondered if I was the only one who would roll their eyes when there would be that one kid who got recognized for something, millions upon millions of people face in the world. Parents, family members would get involved, it would become notorious across social media and for what? So some individuals could say “it stops now.”

I believe the real problem here is, there is never anyone held accountable. It’s always “I don’t want to name names”,  and that’s where the trouble is. Now to get into why the title of this is called “The Extent Of Media”, is because “someone” (I honestly don’t know, I just hate using the word  “everyone,” when it is not) decided that teen girls, much like myself, are feeling bad about themselves because they don’t look the people they see on TV. and they feel pressure, which leads to diets and etc. my view is,  television was originally created so we can escape reality for a while. Media changed the perspective on that. When actors dress up, it is acknowledge their giving us the wrong message.

I am not sure if you can see the connection I tried to make between the ideas I talked about. I did not like where I was going with what I was trying to say. So of course that is when you know its best to just stop writing all together. I do though understand if you feel what I am saying is totally and utterly wrong. Message me about it, I love to here feedback, know matter what kind.

I had to write something, even if it was not my best piece. -Blogger101 ❤




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