You Waited For It

My Official List For 2014

1. Accomplish playing “Everywhere To Me” by Michelle Branch on guitar

2. Reach 50 followers (I love where I’m at right now, but would love to grow an ever broader audience)

3. Find five new to people to be inspired by

4. Do more then fifty selfless acts of kindness

5. I would love to win the “Inspired Dancer Award” its this award they give at my school at the end of each year. So I’m listing it as one of my goals, but if its not accomplished I won’t be to disappointed

6. Take up lessons on Crip Walking. I learned a bit from a video here and there, but I want to take actual lessons and invest real time in learning it properly

7. (What every teenage girl wants at my age) A first kiss…maybe??? Every other person my age has already had theirs. Perks of being a freak 🙂

8. Eat a churro (I know, its embarrassing, I have never had one)

9. Have something I have written recognized in some way

10.  Get the job I want! Volunteering in this media editing place

11. Finish a realistic and well done short story

12. Be apart of a play. I did a total of seven this year, but I think I am going to follow a different path for the year to come. My acting days are over. I would like to do one last play in 2014 then focus the rest of my future on other things

13. Accomplish a cartwheel

14. Sing in front of someone once. (Had a terrible experience with singing when I was younger so I told myself I would never do that in front of people again) But hey, every year is about facing fears so this is once I hope to and more then likely will accomplish

15. It would be a  wonderful experience if I could cry tears of joy. Not much of a emotional person so it would be different….

So there you have it my official resolutions for 2014! I have a feeling this will be a wonderful year

Now on to reflecting back onto 2013

Sadly I have misplaced my 2013 resolutions. But I did accomplish every one of them. There was only three, and from what I remember they were just dumb overused ones. This year its quite a change I have a total of fifteen and I am going to finish every single one of them…I hope. I believe 2013 was a year for finding out my mistakes, noticing who I can and cannot trust, and most of all learning how to rebuild relationships with family, friends, etc. 2013 was a year that most definitely taught me the most so far.


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