Texts between friends…

Annamal's Guide to Life and Style...

Original image by Diana Walker for Time.

“Go for it.  Launch your dreams. Let your sparkle shine.

“You’re so wise. I think I WILL let my sparkle shine. You too, my friend.  LET YOUR BRIGHTNESS OVERSHADOW THE STARS!  We’re awesome at being positive.”

“YES! I am going to ride that unicorn all the way to my rainbow of glory!   [on our positiveness] I know, it feels really natural.”

“FORGE YOUR OWN DESTINY TO THE HEAVENS!  I think my celestial positive mantras are taking a turn now…”

“Here we go!!! Yeah, my unicorn definitely crashed.”


 “I didn’t realize there was a ‘limit’, gave up because there were too many images of dudes covered in blood.”

 “Hmm… Do I make prosecco my dinner, or no?  What say you, Heavens?”

“Follow your heart.  Or your liver, whichever is more pleasing.”

“…Riding the will power rainbow! Positivity! Energy! Synergy!”


“What was that horror movie we watched a long time…

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