~You Got Me Going Insane~

Recently as in over the past few hours I discovered one of my closest friends is starting a blog. After finding out that information I thought I would give her my advice and share what I have learned with my experience of having one. These were the exact words I used….

“I have been blogging and writing for the past couple of years, and I have learned a significant amount of what it means to be a successful writer. My first piece of advice for you is to not post a significant amount of writing on one day and then give up on it for a few months, pace yourself is the best explanation for that. Discipline is a quality you need, to have an audience that will listen to you. On that note don’t give up if you do not have a large audience for a while, its taken me years to get to the viewers I have now. Hope it all works out for you, best of luck along this wonderful journey.”

-Blogger101 ❤


One thought on “~You Got Me Going Insane~

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