It Has Been A While

I accidently forgot I was trying to a weekly blog, so this is my spiel for the previous week and this one.

On Thursday I woke up to hear my mom was in a car accident, I was tempted to stay home from school but it wasn’t as tragic as it seemed so I was able to pull myself together and deal with the last day of school for that week. I only told two of my closest friends, I didn’t want sympathy from teachers nor did I want anyone to feel sorry for me and have to write a mid-term I was having on a later date, considering I was studying a whole two weeks prior. So that happened and I felt I dealt with the situation best I could. Then we come to the beginning of this week where right of the bat I was given an assignment. It was to choose three people who inspire me and pick a quality that shows their inner beauty.  I got some creativity going along with that. So to sum this up, I’ve been pretty much on a roller coaster ride and I’m just waiting for it to finish.


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