Opinionated Teacher

In the next few months, you will hopefully start to see my writing skills get gradually better. Taking writing classes is really beneficial, I’ve learned so much in only a week. This is something I love doing, so if I can be great at it as well why not?

Aside from that earlier this week, my class started to discuss the topic of polygamy, I was completely opposed to how my history teacher was supposedly “teaching” it to us. He was bias and stereotypical. This subject like any other required a assignment along with it, I was against what I wrote, I didn’t believe any of what I had written, but I knew I had to receive a good mark on it. So what I decided to do that night was write my own essay on why my teacher should not of been teaching us the way he was, why his views were unacceptable, and all in all my initial opinion on it.


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