A Photo Is Worth A Hundred Words

A Photo Is Worth A Hundred Words

My camera is backwards so my little ventures I take through my writing cannot be seen by others. -Blogger101 ❤


Nightmare Factory Book Club Trips the Light Fantastic about LAST DAYS


~post by Steven

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as Stephen King’s bibliography and as timeless as Edgar Allan Poe’s scary bird thing. It is the middle ground between a noble literary endeavor and a complete waste of time – between science and a child’s drawing of a dinosaur – and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of nerdy obsession. It is an area which we call…the Nightmare Factory Book Club. Join us on Tuesday November 19th at 8:00 p.m. in BookPeople’s ethereal cafe as we meet to discuss Last Days by the exquisitely terrifying and extraordinarily British Adam Nevill.

Introducing one Mr. Kyle Freeman – a guerilla documentarian with a knack for all things esoteric. Though he does not know it yet, his…

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Opinionated Teacher

In the next few months, you will hopefully start to see my writing skills get gradually better. Taking writing classes is really beneficial, I’ve learned so much in only a week. This is something I love doing, so if I can be great at it as well why not?

Aside from that earlier this week, my class started to discuss the topic of polygamy, I was completely opposed to how my history teacher was supposedly “teaching” it to us. He was bias and stereotypical. This subject like any other required a assignment along with it, I was against what I wrote, I didn’t believe any of what I had written, but I knew I had to receive a good mark on it. So what I decided to do that night was write my own essay on why my teacher should not of been teaching us the way he was, why his views were unacceptable, and all in all my initial opinion on it.

If My Life Was Like A Book…

As shown above I have decided to share with you today what my life would be like if it were a book.

As I wake up, I have that same everyday worry, what will there impression be of me today? Will the shirt I pick define what my day may partake in? These Are the questions I ask myself each and everyday. The one guy I truly ever liked,  actually liked me, but I didn’t have the confidence to truly accept it. If my life were a book I’d be a complete adventurous and risk taking person, I would open up and embarrass myself more then once in a while. At the end of the first few chapters I would find someone to build a strong relationship with (friend etc.) and we would stand with each other through thick and thin. I can imagine I would still play the shy and smart character, but unexpectedly end up with the dark and edgy guy. Lastly if my life were a book I would have a trilogy of each significant moment that ever happened, and by the end of the book I would leave readers wanting to know more.

Coffee With My Teenage Self.

I learn more and more from great bloggers such as “That Coffee Wench!”

For most people, she’s hard to spot across the crowded cafe, having spent years developing the skill of being invisible. Hooded sweatshirts and ill-fitting track pants, hair in a ponytail hidden by a black bandanna, she fidgets and sips at a hot chocolate, knowing full well the dairy isn’t going to agree with her.

I am considerably older, and recognize her immediately. As she waits, unaware of being observed, she chews on the inside of her lip — a nervous trait I happen to share. I feel the corners of my mouth twitch upward into a smile, and begin my approach.

“Hi,” I say gently. “May I sit with you?”

Confusion registers, then recognition and surprise. I sit and take a sip of my own drink — some lactose-free concoction expertly crafted by the barista. I know full well the repercussions of too much dairy and have learned to avoid…

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What’s Next?!

So my favorite three months of the whole year are almost coming to an end. Here is when I’m studying almost 24/7 or studying during dance. Yes dance has taken a huge part of my life this school year, since I’m a beginner I need all the classes and time I can get to even be half as good as the people I will be performing with. I’m not going to lie its one of the hardest and most tiring things I’ve ever done, its incredibly hard to keep up with school work, but I’ll just keep working hard and see where it gets me. Sadly my guitar learning has had to take a step back and be put on hold for later, I just never find time to spend a couple hours going over it, and I’m not just going to learn a few things and quit so I’m going to wait till I have the time to be dedicated to it. To sum this up, hard work is going to play crucial part In my life so to come by the end of this week. I’m not sure if I’m ready but I know what it may get me. Ta ta for now! -Blogger101