Answered your questions!

So first of all I would like to thank you guys for trusting me to give you some amazing advice, I received over thirty which was amazing for the questions I got asked, so for today I can only answer about to because these we some very good questions where I had to give a lot of input and so here we go, first time wish me luck!

Anonymous asked ~ I just started high school on Monday.. I hate it.. My classes are so far away! I’m late to a class by like 30 seconds and my teacher wrote me up!! there’s this guy I was talking to but I ended it. And then we started again and he just straight up stopped talking to me.. Now he’s flirting with all my friends in front of me.. I still like him even though he’s being such a jerk. What do I do? ~
Well my dear I have recently started high school as well it can be difficult at times but for being on time for class, I suggest you try to get some sort of really cute tote bag or something you can carry around with you from class to class, which will make your life a whole lot easier and will save you less and less trips to your locker and that’s of course if you don’t have one already. Guy trouble? I know how you feel, the same exact situation happened to me as well and is still happening, so my advice on that don’t pay any sort of attention to him because if he’s being the jerk you say he’s being then by pretending everything is okay will only make him feel like he has a power over you, and sweetie even though you still like him if he stopped talking to you and wont reply to messages you’ve sent then it may be best to avoid him all together, best wishes – Blogger101
Another anonymous asked: “If you could visit yourself 5 years ago and write yourself a letter what would it say?”
Very good question, five years ago I had just recently moved to where I am living now and was terrified about how my school life was going to go, so I think I would write in my letter about not to worry about school I will meet people over time and some of the celebrities I hoped to meet back then I did as well. To go more in depth I would also write about being more open to having boyfriends when I’m older because I was always very nervous about that stuff at the age I was. Last but not least I would tell myself to not worry about the future because it turns out okay.

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